Friday, February 10, 2006

The Cartoons Strike Back

Dossing Times (who, incidentally, I must link) have found the counter-cartoons - released by Arab media outlets in response to the Danish ones.

They depict, among other things, Hitler and Anne Frank in bed, Jewish investigators at a Concentration Camp, and a conversation between Spielberg and Jackson that implies the Holocaust was a fiction.

They don't offend me, but neither did the Danish ones, presumably because I'm neither Jewish nor Muslim. However I imagine Holocaust survivors, and their descendants are would be pretty hurt.

The cartoons are inspired by the view that the way to get back at Europe is to be anti-Jewish, which is an interesting insight. Europe struggled last year to decide whether or not to include a reference to Christ in its constitution, it is often depicted as the Union of the Cross (rather than the Crescent of Islam - hence the anti-Turkey stance), it is the most pro-Palestinian international body in the world, and yet the Arab world sees it as run by a Zionist conspiracy.

How can we spread the love when so much confusion and misinformation exists?


Blogger Wolfie said...

I suspect that the Muslim world views "the west" as being Zionist controlled due to the bias of the American press and indeed its position in the UN regarding resolutions which censure Israel. Your right though, Europe kind of swings the other way but yet seems guilty by association with the US in their eyes. Mind you the first casualty in this affair has been reason so it seems daft to apply it to anything on this issue. Do you get the feeling sometimes that we are caught up in someone else's argument?

10:07 a.m.  

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